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Stella Screens

Stand-up Comedy Streaming Website Design
University Brief

Stella Screens 

Stella screens is a stand-up comedy streaming website designed for the web design module at university. 

The project was themed around Stella Artois and a cinematography project of theirs. 

For my interpretation of the brief, I chose a free stand-up comedy website in collaboration with Netflix. The aim of this project was to bring back comedy to the people stuck inside during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

pHone layot.png

The website's layout was kept simple making it easy to navigate and accessible. The products are split into categories to help people find what they prefer.  At the beginning of each section, there is a ''Play Something Random Button". 

about page.png

The achievements of this brief are:

-Creating a product with a positive impact.

-A responsive and easy to navigate website.

-An original interpretation of the brief.

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