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Exhibition Design & Prep
University Brief


Final show exhibition.

For this project, we were asked to design a poster and exhibition board for the final year show organised by the University of Worcester School of Arts.

My interpretation of the brief was to give every course its strip in the poster, resembling walls filled with remains of ripped off posters. 

In order to keep the artistic aesthetic and cross-media techniques, the logo was initially developed in lino print then digitally altered to fit the rest of the poster.

show 22  poster 2.0.png

Show22 Space

For my exhibition space, I have chosen my 5 favourite projects from the 3rd year of university.

These projects were: D&AD, Olpro, Rapha, Dissertation, Student Winter Warmers and Riveride Dance Collective.


The biggest achievement from this project was being able to put up such an amazing exhibition with my classmates. It was an honour to share an exhibition with so many talented designers.

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