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Unbox Your Better Business

Sustainable Business Model PDF Design
University Dissertation

Unbox Your Better Business 

The question I wanted to answer with my dissertation is "How do consumer trends and unboxing videos impact the environment and how can it be mitigated?"

The target audience for this document are buinsenesses and manufacturers wich want to improve their PR practices.

unb your bet business mockup and artoard.png
Visual Outputs

The visual part of my project consisted in 8 sample pages to showcase the look of the PDF design, a social marketing campaign and a website wich hosts the PDF download.

The main focus of the design is to look reliable and professional so it gains the trust of the viewer. The design was inspired by the Green Design and Print Production Handbook by Adrian Pollock, which uses neutral, earthy colours to represent sustainabilityin order to make the visuals fit in with the topic.

The design choice of the textures applied over the assets is inspired by recycled paper, i wanted to give the PDF a "recycled" look.

Arboards GDES3010 Andreea C._Page_4.jpg

Tthe social media campaign is simple, yet effective using the right buzzwords like"sustainability"and "unboxing" to attract the target audience of the project.

Arboards GDES3010 Andreea C._Page_2.jpg

The design of the website was kept minimalistic in order to guide the user straight to the download section.


The main achievement of this project is the amount of knowledge that I have gained about green design, materials and ethical sourcing.

Other achievements include a set of effective designs which communicate the aim of the project, and attractive marketing campaigns for a better audience reach.

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