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Benefit Identity and Artwork


My client has approached me asking for a simple yet memorable brand identity which has a certain something that could be used as a monogram.

b monogram.png

To answer the client's wishes, a simple typographical logo was created and the letter B was inverted to serve as a quirk and be used as a monogram.   

DJ Identity & Artwork
Freelance Brief


For Benefit's artwork, they requested a design that will stand out in the big sea of artworks which is Soundcloud. 

With this in mind, I used sacred geometry shapes and vibrant colours in the creation of his artwork.


These design choices were made in order to make sure that his project stands out from the crowd and creates enough intrigue for people to check it out. 


The elements achieved with this brief were an effective and recognisable DJ identity and an eye-catching and vibrant artwork for his 'Essential Mix'. 

Benefit essential mix.png
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